Trip Permit

Trip Permit is issued for an out-of-state vehicle, operated in NYS and qualifies for an IRP registration but not apportioned for NYS and valid for 72 hours. A vehicle registered in a jurisdiction and does not participate in the IRP is exempt.

Contact the IRB for more information on how to obtain a permit. To apply for a Trip Permit through the mail, send the form IRP-4, Trip Permit Application to the IRB 30 days prior to the requested validation date. Form is available from the IRB and not available online and can also apply for a Trip Permit through a "wire service".

If your vehicle has an NYS IRP registration you must get a Trip Permit to operate your vehicle in other IRP jurisdiction and if your IRP registration is not apportioned for that jurisdiction. See the NYS IRP Manual to know the jurisdictions lists (Appendix C - Contact Information) and their permit information (Appendix A - IRP Trip Permits).

If vehicle operated without a Trip Permit which requires a Trip Permit, your vehicle will be charged a full registration fee in that jurisdiction.

Hunter's Permit

A Hunter's Permit is issued when the vehicle's owner-operator with an IRP registration terminates a lease and the owner must surrender the apportioned plates and cab card to the carrier. The Hunter's Permit operates your vehicle or vehicle combination in all jurisdictions to find a new job.

A Hunter's Permit is valid to operate a vehicle at vehicle's unladen weight only. A Hunter's Permit cannot be transferred and Hunter's Permit issued in NYS at a cost of $10.00 and is valid for 30 days. NYS liability insurance is required to obtain a permit. It is valid for the power unit or a power unit along with a trailer with no load. For more information on how to get Hunter's Permit in NYS, contact the IRB by phone at (518) 473-5834. Fuel Use Tax Trip Permits

Fuel Use Tax Trip Permits

A carrier may fulfill the fuel use tax obligations by obtaining a trip permit for each jurisdiction traveled instead of obtaining an IFTA license and decals. For New York State trips, you may use the New York State fuel use tax trip permit for any vehicle subject to fuel use tax and order a 72-hour trip permit through a service bureau.

New York State charges $25.00 for a trip permit and the service bureau may charge a fee in addition. During a single calendar year, you may not apply for more than ten trip permits.