Oversize/Overweight Permits

New Customers Applying for a Special Hauling Permit If you do not have an Oversize/Overweight Permit Customer Account, follow these steps:
  • Step1: Complete an Account Maintenance Form. This form is used to establish an Oversize/Overweight Permit Customer Account. There is no fee to establish an account. In most cases you must have a USDOT number.
  • Step2: E-mail the completed form to spechaul@dot.state.ny.us or mail it in with your application to:
      New York State Department of Transportation
      Central Permit Office,
      50 Wolf Rd, 1st Floor,
      Albany, NY 12232.
  • Step 3: Determine if you are going to apply for an Annual/Monthly or a Trip Permit.

For established Oversize/Overweight Permit Customer Accounts, follow these steps:

To apply yourself:

  • Step1: Plot a route with our Pre-Screening Tool that works for your weight and dimensions.
  • Step2: Fill out the Special Hauling Permit Application - Perm 39
    If the vehicle/load is 14' high or over, 100' long or over, or 16' wide or over, a route survey form is required. Route surveys must be performed by NYS Certified Escorts.
  • Step3: Mail completed form and all supporting documentation to the address listed at the top of the form. OR bring it to address listed or any one of our NYSDOT application sites.
  • Step4: Make sure your account has sufficient funds. You can either send a check with the application or Prefund your account.

To apply via a Service Company:

  • Step1: Choose from an Authorized Permit Service Company
  • Step 2: Contact them and they will apply via our online system.
Direct any questions to 1-888-783-1685, Option 2, or by email to permits@dot.state.ny.us.
For information go to www.dot.ny.gov/nypermits


For vehicles that are not registered under IRP or IFTA, additional permits may be necessary before entering another jurisdiction.  Vehicles exceeding limitations on the size and weight are required to obtain a permit.


Temporary Permits

You must get a Trip Permit for an out-of-state vehicle operated in NYS that qualifies for an IRP registration, but is not apportioned for NYS. A vehicle registered in a jurisdiction that does not participate in the IRP is exempt. A Trip Permit is valid for 72 hours.



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