Interstate Authority

Also referred to as an "MC","FF" or "MX" number, depending on the type of authority that is granted. Generally, 'for-hire' carriers engaging in interstate commerce are required to have Interstate Authority Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Interstate commerce is trade, traffic, or transportation involving the crossing of a State boundary.

Carriers not required to have operating authority:
  • Private carriers, "for-hire" carriers that exclusively haul exempt commodities (cargo that is not federally regulated),
  • Carriers that operate exclusively within a federally designated "commercial zone" that is exempt from interstate authority rules. Virginia/Maryland/Washington, DC is an example of a commercial zone, which is a geographic territory that includes multiple states bordering on a major metropolitan city. More information can be found at

Intrastate Authority

The Florida Department of Transportation, Office of Motor Carrier Compliance, on March 1,1999, implemented a new Motor Carrier Registration Program for Intrastate motor carriers.



Interested in obtaining your own operating authority? Interstate commerce is trade, traffic, or transportation involving either the vehicle, its passengers, or cargo crossing a state boundary.


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